St. Jude




St. Jude was founded in 1962 by Danny Thomas. It was created and named in honor of St. Jude Thaddeus, who is the saint of the difficult and desperate, as an offering. However, St. Jude is a Catholic hospital and it is not affiliated with any religious organization. St. Jude is the only pediatric research center where cancer patients are not left without services or treatment for inability to pay the treatments covered by health plans. No child is left untreated for not having a health plan, or asked to pay for not having it. It is currently led by Marlo Thomas.

It offers treatments for pediatric cancer and other catastrophic diseases. It is also important to mention that all findings to fight this disease are shared with the entire medical community, globally! This means that St. Jude helps a number of children. In 1962, the percentage of combat disease for lymphoblastic leukemia, which is the most common in children, was 4% thanks to St. Jude. Today, the percentage has increased to 94%, thanks to the efforts and research done by St. Jude.

Although the cost of daily operation is about $1.8 million, no child is left to be addressed on the basis of sex, religion, nationality or inability to pay. St. Jude is primarily supported by public contributions and campaign promotions like “Create your pepper to fight pediatric cancer,” which helps to continue the great work of saving lives at St. Jude.

Chili’s began its partnership with St. Jude in 2002, with close to the area of ​​St. Jude, Memphis, TN restaurants. Then through the years it has become a national annual campaign. Since 2002, it has been with the campaign “Create your pepper to fight pediatric cancer” among other initiatives. In November 2007 Chili’s, fulfilling our commitment to help St. Jude in saving lives of children with cancer, opens the “Chili’s Care Center”, the first medical building on the St. Jude bearing name one of its partners.

The Chili’s Care Center is a care center which houses the areas for further research in therapeutic radiology and diagnoses, apart from patient rooms and areas for patients. Citizens can cooperate and help more children to fight cancer by visiting Chili’s and cooperating by donating and creating their pepper, which is the official logo of Chili’s. These peppers will be displayed in restaurants so the artwork can be appreciated and remind us that we are helping someone in need.

Over the years, Chili’s has been able to raise $35 million to the benefit of all these children and families in need. We made it to our goal of $50 million. For this reason, now these campaigns continue to perform locally in each country. Puerto Rico has always characterized by staying present in worthy causes.

Chili’s is a partner which supports and has a big commitment to St. Jude. Because of this they can continue researching and saving more children with cancer. If unfortunately you know someone suffering from this disease, and want to be treated at St. Jude, we recommend visiting the www.stjude.org page or call 1-800-278-5833 and you can receive information on how to join or steps to follow to be evaluated by St. Jude. Chili’s does not have the freedom to refer patients.

International Restaurant Services Inc, which holds the franchise mark of Chili’s in Puerto Rico, began its effort with Brinker Intl in September 2008. The campaign was a hit with our customers and employees, besides being a source of pride for our company to participate in such a noble cause. Thanks to the efforts of employees in restaurants, during the first year of participation, IRSI raise a total of $25,000. In the past 6 years we have managed to significantly increase revenues, we have reached $165,000! This figure falls short compared to the possible need for children with cancer that need the support of St. Jude.